Subject: They're doing WHAT to Medicare?Date: Thu, 24 July 2003 Congress is considering prescription drug legislationthat would radically change Medicare. What they're NOTtelling you about the Medicare prescription drug billsCAN hurt current and future retirees, including you. Thesechanges in Medicare are a BAD DEAL for America's retirees.They would: + Privatize Medicare and put seniors at the mercy of insurancecompanies. + Leave millions of seniors with huge drug costs. + Threaten employer-provided prescription drug coverage--4.4million retirees who have coverage now could lose it.+ Increase future premiums by 25 percent if you stay inthe Medicare you know with the doctor of your choice.+ Prevent our government from reining in prescriptiondrug prices. You can take action to stop these harmful changes beforethey become law. Please take one minute right now to sendyour U.S. senators and representative a fax by clickingon the link below. After you've taken action, please send a message to yourfriends, family and co-workers about these changes inMedicare by clicking on the link below. The final votes in the U.S. Senate and House of Representativescould happen very soon. It is important that you act today.SUMMER READING LIST: "The Big Fix:" exposes how the pharmaceuticalindustry guarantees big profits--at the expense of workingfamilies and seniors. You can buy it now at the AFL-CIO'sUnion Shop Online by clicking on the link below: