I enjoy visiting this forum from time to time to read opinions of those who know and those who think they know. I've been thought of as an elitist because I truly actually factually know better than most people who possess credentials from institutions of higher learning. In the 1960s, I wore a flag upside down on seat of my jeans. I spent some time in jail due to misunderstandings with the police since some of them were real s and did not even try to fathom where I was coming from. One of my friends had been a soldier in 'Nam and saw people get killed going after a fallen flag. Perhaps the one giving the order should have gone after the flag himself if keeping it out of the mud was that important. A piece of cloth got people killed! Maybe that's why I wore the flag on my fanny. It made my jeans last longer despite the fact that numerous babes seemed to be turned on by my bold anti-flag attitude. I think flying a flag is one of the most unintelligent things one can do. It tells Muslims that here is the first infidel to kill. This and other signs of patriotism is stupid. I save a lot of time by sleeping late on Sunday since I am not subject to my parents dragging me to religious meetings. Families with more than two children are raising cannon fodder and even more breeders. Owning a gun is an irresponsible act. George Bush is an idiot who finished college because of connections and lots of money. It is wrong to interfere with soverign nations by attacking them for being tyrannies. Besides,America has many, many flaws which are being corrected far too slowly. It is fundamentally evil and controlled by a few white families with a combined worth of billions. Fortunately, the knowing are almost in total control of higher education. Even the few uninlightened who get to the top in academia are being outed. The publish or perish stratagem has gotten many of these uninlightened intellectuals to reveal their flawed thinking. Their attitudes and beliefs seem to surface like garbage floating up at the beach. Students report their offensive off-topic rhetoric to the powers that be. Thus they are weeded out by being denied tenure and eventually realize that they are not wanted and leave. A few choose to fight the system but always lose. Eventually they see the folly of their resistance. It all seems so hopeless sometimes. Thank you for providing this forum for us.