Has anyone noticed the ongoing flap over the White House's inability to tell the truth about Bush and Air Force one? Here's an unpublished letter to the Washington Post on the subject:"Wow! Another story (Pilots Didn't Radio Air Force One, Airline Says A3, 02/12) circulated by the White House about Air Force One that can not be confirmed? You may recall the earlier episode, when the White House claimed that Bush remained aloft on Air Force One in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 because the Secret Service had said there was a threat against him. A week or two later, the Secret Service stated that they had never issued this warning and the story was buried in an unrelated article. Now, another story about Bush and Air Force One that can not be confirmed.Perhaps the reason the White House continues to fib about Air Force One is that it remembers how the news media effectively buried the earlier Air Force One fib. Maybe this time, you can get to the bottom of this story and prominently out the source of disinformation in the White House?"In subsequent days the White House has tried to modify its story and each time British Airways has denied the new version. Also, did you see the picture of Bush with the Turkey dinner with the troops in Baghdad? Turns out that he was holding the ornament and not the real dinner.But by now, everyone is accustomed to this Texas crusader who was tro restore dignity to the White House as being a pathological liar. If not him, all the people that surround him.