Air Force One.... Keep scraping dude! You guys have at least 5 years before there's even a chance of another liberal/socialist in the White House. Your front runner is a reflection of the state of the democrap party of today. Drunk with ideological intoxication, Dean is coming perilously close to the secular equivalent of “speaking in tongues.” Every generation or so, our great Republic manages to give birth to a political figure so obnoxiously certain of his moral and intellectual superiority over the “booboisie” that we lowly, simple folk eventually begin to heave with nausea. The insufferable Governor Dean is the latest incarnation. Born deep in the heartland of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, schooled at only the best of New York’s private preparatory institutions before entering the real world of the Ivy League, young Howard spent his summers in the Hamptons. Certainly these early life experiences prepared Mr. Dean to empathize with the average, middle-class American. One might assume that this upbringing, while not disqualifying one to represent the great expanse of America, would insulate Howard from the common man. This is not to say that Howard was not nice to the family’s “domestics.” In fact, I would gainsay that Howard was very polite with the “help” and probably engaged in conversation from time to time. At Yale we learn over and over and over again that Master Howard actually had not one, but two black roommates!! Ultimately Howard received a medical degree and chose the life of a country doctor in Vermont. Vermont is a place where “real people” live. Of course this was no longer the Vermont of old Yankees, but ex-hippies and the counterculture. The spoiled little snots of the Sixties had found their little haven in Vermont. As an illustration, look at Vermont’s only Congressman, Bernie Sanders. He’s yet another ex-New Yorker who ran and won to become the only openly socialist congressman in the US House of Representatives. Indeed Vermont is as American as…well, crepes. We know little of Dean’s homespun, country doctoring -- except for one story about a young girl who came to the good Dr. and reported she was raped by her father. Dr. Dean’s memory fades as to whether he reported this to the authorities as required by law or not. It turns out the girl was not raped by her father, but it makes for a whopper of a story if you want to make a point in favor of abortion and against parental notification. Too bad it’s all a fabrication. I guess Dean figures it COULD have happened. We know little of Dean’s governorship and Dean would like to keep it that way. He’s had his records sealed for ten years. We do know that he championed and signed into law the nation’s first “civil unions” (read: gay marriage) law. Dean likes to mention his executive experience he had as a Governor in Vermont. Just to maintain some perspective, let’s recall that Vermont would be no more than a rural county in many states of the Union. Howard Dean’s Manhattan-prep school-Hampton-Ivy-Vermont frame of mind is, in fact, a little island of democratic socialist Europe within America. Howard Dean may justly be called the Jacques Chirac of America. Like the slightly overweight Chirac, Dean nearly bursts out of his suit and ties with indignation and outrage over the small mindedness of anyone who can not see the secular, multicultural worldview of himself and fellow “progressive-minded intelligentsia.” His worldview reminds me of a professor I had at Harvard who would begin each pronouncement of opinion by stating, “As we all know…” The problem was that the rest of the sentence was almost never an obvious fact or “given,” but rather the ideological assumptions of the Left which were to be taken as unassailable to them as the Nicene Creed to orthodox Christians.