To Idiot Kool-Aide drinker:You are actually linking to the official statement from the accused...(LMFAO!!!!)Were you out protesting fur coat wearers during Propaganda 101?From your site,************* BUSH IN 30 SECONDS **************All About George BushHere's a short list of the top 7 reasons we're running this ad campaign against President George W. Bush and his administration. We hope this informs your own commercials, and inspires you to look further into the policies of the Bush Administration and their effect on the American public.1. It appears that the Bush Administration has consistently misled the American public about Iraq , most significantly regarding Saddam Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction and his ties to al Queda and Osama bin Laden. The Bush Administration's regressive environmental policies have lowered cleanliness standards for our air and water while allowing utility companies (many of whom are Bush campaign contributors) to profit off of the weakened regulations. In 2002, the head of the EPA's Office of Regulatory Enforcement resigned, complaining that the agency was “fighting a White House that seems determined to weaken the rules we are trying to enforce." (CNN, Aug. 22, 2002)The Bush Record on the Environment for 2003: Bush is underfunding education. The President cut $200 million from his own No Child Left Behind Act, eliminating crucial educational programs for lower income children and cutting professional training for more than 20,000 teachers.Flawed from its very foundation, No Child Left Behind is based on then-Governor Bush's late-‘90s “Texas Miracle,”—a program of standardized testing designed to increase performance and reduce dropout rates--now recognized as a scandalous failure. The Bush Administration's Patriot Act threatens our constitutional rights and civil liberties. Passed by a post 9/11 Congress, the Patriot act expands the ability of law enforcement to conduct secret searches, and engage various forms of surveillance, including internet monitoring and wiretapping. It gives the FBI access to American citizens' highly personal medical, financial, mental health, and student records without notification or permission, and allows them to investigate individuals without probable cause of a crime. Finally, it permits non-citizens to be jailed based on mere suspicion and held indefinitely in six month increments without meaningful judicial review. Bush's Tax Cuts only benefit the rich. Bush claimed that his tax cut would “reduce tax rates for everyone who pays income tax.” He failed to mention that this “relief” program would put half of the tax cut's dividends into the hands of our nation's wealthiest 5%, while 8.1 million citizens in the bottom half of the income bracket receive approximately $300 a year. 3.3 million jobs (93,000 in August of 2003 alone) have been lost since Bush took office--more than the last 11 Presidents combined. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2001-August 2003) Meanwhile, huge corporations are paying fewer taxes than ever: Bush is underfunding homeland security : While energetic in waging war abroad, the Bush administration has been oddly lethargic in fortifying our defenses at home. Domestic security agencies have been neglected. Police and firefighters have been denied essential resources, and muddled public strategy has only spread alarm and confusion. Recommended Reading:The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century, by Paul KrugmanDude, Where’s My Country?, by Michael MooreLies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, by Al FrankenThe Bush Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder, by Mark Crispin MillerBushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush’s America, by Molly IvinsBush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential, by James MooreThe Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception, by David CornWeapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush’s War on Iraq, by Sheldon Rampton, John C. Stauben(What a diverse group...)***********************************************************SUN JAN 04 2004 14:37:17 ETMOVEON.ORG FEATURES AD COMPARING BUSH TO HITLER...ONLINE CONTEST TO MAKE BEST SPOT TURNS VICIOUS. WEBSITE FEATURED AD, LATER PULLED IT AFTER COMPLAINTS..MOVEON.ORG HITLER/BUSH AD CONTENDER... SCRIPTGRAPHIC: Pictures Of HitlerHITLER: (Speaking In German)CHYRON: We have taken new measures to protect our homeland,GRAPHIC: Pictures Of HitlerHITLER: (Speaking In German)CHYRON: I believe I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator,GRAPHIC: Pictures Of HitlerHITLER: (Speaking In German)CHYRON: God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them,GRAPHIC: Pictures of President BushHITLER: (Speaking In German)CHYRON: and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did.CHYRON: SOUND FAMILIAR?BACKGROUND: Cheering German Crowd[The rules they say: Content: We're NOT looking for the same old slick political ads from Washington media consultants. Instead, we're looking for really creative ads that will engage and enlighten viewers and help them understand the truth about George Bush. There are some legal limits on what you can do (see below), and we're not going to post anything that would be inappropriate for television, but other than that what you put in your ads is up to you (live action, animation, personal rant, whatever!)***********************************************************SECOND BUSH/HITLER AD APPEARS AT MOVEON.ORGMON JAN 05 2004 10:27:51 ETA SECOND ADVERT WHICH COMPARES PRESIDENT BUSH TO HITLER STREAMED ON MOVEON.ORG, THE DRUDGE REPORT HAS LEARNED. THE NEW HITLER SPOT FEATURED THE GRAPHIC 'SPONSORED BY MOVEON.ORG.'[CLICK TO VIEW AD]GRAPHIC: Nazi Flags In A Parade GRAPHIC: Hitler HITLER: (Speaking In German) CHYRON: A NATION WARPED BY LIES GRAPHIC: German Troops Marching GRAPHIC: Hitler In Car In Parade GRAPHIC: German Troops Marching CHYRON: LIES FUEL FEAR GRAPHIC: German Tanks CHYRON: FEAR FUELS AGGRESSION GRAPHIC: German Artillery Firing GRAPHIC: German Planes Dropping Bombs GRAPHIC: German Tanks Firing CHYRON: INVASION GRAPHIC: German Tanks Rolling Down Street CHYRON: OCCUPATION GRAPHIC: Hitler With Hand Raised : Sig Heil! Sig Heil! CHYRON: WHAT WERE WAR CRIMES IN 1945 GRAPHIC: President Bush With Hand Raised At Inauguration : Sig Heil! Sig Heil! CHYRON: IS FOREIGN POLICY IN 2003 CHYRON: SPONSORED BY MOVEON.ORG**THE 30-SECOND VIDEO IS THE SECOND AD COMPARING BUSH TO HITLER TO BE STREAMED ON MOVEON.ORG. THE CLIP IS PART OF A CONTEST TO FIND THE BEST BUSH-BASHING AD.A PANEL OF JUDGES, INCLUDING ACTOR-DIRECTOR MICHAEL MOORE, AND DEM CAMPAIGN STRATEGISTS DONNA BRAZILE AND JAMES CARVILLE, WILL SELECT THE WINNER.[EDITOR'S NOTE: Jack Rosen, president of the American Jewish Congress, writes in Monday's WALL STREET JOURNAL: " informed potential ad makers that 'we're not going to post anything that would be inappropriate for television.' Two of the ads posted on the group's Web site compared Adolf Hitler to George W. Bush. One ad morphed an image of Hitler into President Bush and says that, '1945's war crimes' are '2003's foreign policy.'" Rosen says is "using the memory of that genocide as a political prop. Their comparison diminishes the reality of what happened, and their actions cheapen the memory of a horrific crime. It also does a terrible disservice to this country at a perilous time, when we need to examine the dangers we face with clarity and purpose." Leadership is "about confronting threats to freedom everywhere. President Bush has shown that leadership in Iraq, and our troops have liberated a people who were oppressed by another murderous dictator. compares this liberation to the Holocaust. It deploys a picture of Hitler to vilify President Bush. Comparing the commander-in-chief of a democratic nation to the murderous tyrant Hitler is not only historically specious, it is morally outrageous. Comparing an American president, any American president, to Hitler is an outrage. The ad was inexcusable. Political figures such as Al Gore, who have associated themselves with, have a special responsibility to condemn these ads; donors to the group such as George Soros have the same responsibility. They owe it not just to the memory of the millions who died in the Holocaust. They owe it also as a simple matter of decency."]You guys are never funnier than when you are NOT in power.I'm looking forward to the next 4 years; the 2nd Bush administration