That is pretty funny. Moveon has a contest, posts the material than blames it on the republicans. They knew exactly what they were doing, they put it out there, it got picked up by the networks and is geeting free play on the news. I have never voted a straight ticket in my life, but in 2004 I will not vote for any democrat considering the vicious attacks going on in this campaign.Here's another article I read on the subject-- A Web site founded by former members of the Clinton administration is defending a presidential campaign ad created for that shows images of President Bush morphing into Adolf Hitler."Once again, the comparison of Bush with Hitler strikes terror in the hearts of Republicans - because they know how close it cuts to the truth," the Web site said in a report posted near the top of its political news roundup on Monday.News that had already yanked the Hitler ad was "one more victory for GOP censorship, bringing us ever closer to a Nazi dictatorship," the Web site complained. cofounder David Lytel was President Clinton's personal webmaster, the Web site boasts, saying he helped to develop and edit the White House Web site. [Lytel has since left and launched the Committee to Re-Defeat President Bush.] Former Clinton pollster Stanley Greenberg sits on's advisory board, along with Bell, formerly the head of the Interactive Media Department at the Democratic National Committee.Jock Gill, another advisory board member, was Director of Special Projects in the Office of Media Affairs in the Clinton White House. He also helped develop the White House's Web advisory board member Greg Simon was the chief domestic policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore. was originally founded in 1998 in a failed bid to derail President Clinton's impeachment, and is now closely associated with former Vice President Al Gore.Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton has commented on Bush-Hitler comparisons by Web sites closely associated with their co-presidency.Yesterday Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie called on Democrats to repudiate the Bush-Hitler ad - but so far the only reaction has been from Jewish groups."It is shocking that a mainstream political group like not only allowed this vile and outrageous comparison of the American President to Adolf Hitler to be entered into its 'Bush in 30 Seconds' contest in the first place, but that they even went so far as to make it available to the public on the Internet," said Anti-Defamation League President Abraham Foxman.