Taken for a RideAn indicted crack-dealing informant told the FBI he could lead agents to bin Laden. Guess what happened next?NewsweekET March 10, 2004March 10 - In the frantic months after September 11, Justice Department prosecutors arranged to release an indicted Detroit crack dealer after the man claimed he could help the FBI locate a higher priority target: Osama bin Laden.But once the accused trafficker, Nageeb Al-Haidari, was free, he allegedly continued to deal drugs—and then fled the country without providing any useful information about the Al Qaeda leader, federal law-enforcement sources tell NEWSWEEK. “He’s a fugitive,” says Michael Liebson, the assistant U.S. attorney in Detroit who had originally overseen Al-Haidari’s case when asked this week about the accused crack dealer’s status. “I have no idea of his whereabouts.”Full story:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4499817/