LOOK LETS FACE IT the republicans have burying the country in deficits since the actor Ronald Reagan managed to manipulate the voters into thinking it was okay to associate an actor to the job of a president as Ronald Reagan did because lets face it the Whitehouse was for Reagan the biggest script in his life as an actor who now claims to have forgotten everything through alzheimers,how convenient that Reagan dosent remember anything now that it is critical in our country for the truthjthe republican party has given this country nothing but saying no to everything the democratas wanted in Congress because this would have mean the republican corporate connected political party would have had to punish their corporate contributores like pharmaceutical companies and that was not about to happen not when instead of the poor underclass giving millions to the republican partythey were depending on social programs george bush and his cronies have scratched from the american agendaso lets get real and STOP! TRYING TO BLAME PRESIDENT CLINTON AND THE DEMOCRATS FOR THE GENERATIONS OF DOOM OUR COUNTRY HAS LIVED UNDER REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIPS if so their pathetic representation of their corporations in the house of the people can be called so because certainly these republicans were not representing the best interests of Americans when bush ransacked the surplus for his gluttonous unjust and unwarranted war in IraqSo no matter what anybody says we cannot as Americans erase the worse four years since bush jr.was forced into office though appointment but we can wonder forever whether in fact it was legal for the highest court in the country to appoint the U.S. President because to me what the U.S. supreme court did was more than illegal when it played along in the courts what was supposed to have been a people's electionbut this was the only way the republican frauds and crooks could ripp of an election to force themselves into the highest office for what Mr. bush?TO LET ALL THE POLLUTERS MAKE THE LAWS IN THE WHITEHOUSE?OR TO LET YOUR POLITICAL CONTRIBUTORS DRAFT U.S. ENERGY POLICY BEHIND THE BACKS OF THE VOTERS?TOO MANY YEARS WE HAVE BEEN MISLED AND FOOLED BUT NO LONGER WILL OUR COUNTRY FALL FOR THE BUSH LIES AS THE LIES HE TOLD THE PEOPLE AND CONGRESS TO FORCE A MILITARY ASSAULT ON IRAQI am shocked as an American citizen that American soldiers are still dying in Iraq when that lunatic war was declared over a long time ago in last May or did America hear wrong?Mr. bush thou has exploited enough the country the people and the jobs are gone please stop crucifing our country for not giving you the popular vote in 2000 when you and your daddys cronies in the high court gave you our house because its not your house you stinkin republican frauds it was the house where the laws for the people would be made but George Bush turned it into the BIGGEST CORPORATE BROTHEL WHERE ENRONS WOULD RIPP OFF THE TEXAS TEACHERS RETIREMENTS AND WHERE THOUSANDS OF ENRON INVESTORS WOULD LOSE OUT THANKS TO THE HELP OF BUSH FOR HIS FRIEND KEN LAY SO STOP PRETENDING THE CROOK IN THE WHITEHOUSE IS A "PRESIDENT" BECAUSE TOO BEGIN WITH, MR. BUSH DID NOT EVEN WIN THE ELECTION ANDIS AS ILLEGITMATE AS THE ILLIEGITIMATE DAUGHTER OF STROM THURMOND THE MOST RACIAL REPUBLICAN MUMMIFIED REPUBICAN SENATOR TO HAVE SERVED IN THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS WHERE THIS REPUBLICAN DID NOTHING FOR MINORITIES BUT WHEN IT CAME TO HAVING ILLEGITIMATE KIDS WITH HIS SLAVES,,,,,,,HE KEPT IT HUSH HUSH BUT THE SUN CANNOT BE COVERED WITH YOUR FINGERTIP STROM AND IN LIFE OR IN DEATH, THE TRUTH SHALL BE KNOWN BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAW OF THE TRUTH SOONER OR LATER BUSH YOU AND CHENEY ARE GOING TO BE UNMASKED AS THE BIGGEST CORRUPTION IN AMERICAN HISTORY...................................................................for what have these two corporate crooks done for our country besides giving Halliburton the federal contracts to rebuild an Iraq that did not have to be destroyed?