Just to remind folks of Bordertex's anti-Semitic remark, he referred to "THOSE CURLY HEAD JEWS HITTING AND POUNDING THEIR HEAD ON THE WAILING WALL FOR BEING THE RACE WHO CRUCIFIED CHRIST"Blatant, out and out, good old-fashioned anti-Semitism.Franklin, as I recall I argued that some good could come out of US intervention in Iraq. I also stated a number of concerns about the way it was being done. But I would think that the people who would be most upset about Bush's lies would be those who were persuaded to support him on the basis of his arguments.As for Aristide's departure, if an investigation can get at the truth of it, fine. But he is not credible. If you missed Tim Weiner's piece in the NY Times shortly after Aristide left Haiti, you should check out what Bob White had to say about him.