Tim Weiner, while generally good, is not the final say on what happened, as much as the New York Times would like to think of itself as the final say of what happened.Do you have a link of what Bob White had to say about Aristide? For broader info: Robert White was US Ambassador to El Salvador who was forced out by Ronald Reagan for raising the issue of human rights violations being committed by the US-sponsored Salvadoran Army and National Guard. He created the Center for International Policy which is a pretty good outfit; they've been a true friend of Haiti and pushed on reform and democracy issues well after the NGOs lost interest once Aristide was returned in 1994.I agree on your supposition about Iraq - that it stands to reason that those who supported Bush on the WMD claims would be upset that they were misled. But i think any person who knew Bush was lying, as when he claimed that he was a "uniter, not a divider" or when his team stole the 2000 election, would be pissed off that billions are being spent, thousands of lives have been lost, and all for what?Hussein is gone - that's great, but at what cost?