today what should not have happened took place because we live in a country who through american foreign aid, the country of Israel has been funded through american foreign aid to slaughter Palestinian civilians and commit political targeted assassinations with our american foreign aid and if the american people dont stop george bush and ariel sharon there will be a big world terrorism unleashing where nobody will be safeOH BUT THIS IS WHAT BUSH LOVES, HE LOVES TO MANIPULATE THE COUNTRY WITH TERROR AFTER ALLOWINT IT TO TAKE PLACEtoday, Israel thinks the world does not notice that Israel no longer respects religious tradition and when the distance to peace talks gets closer some body gets killed by an Israeli missile like today the assassination of the Jamas leader which I think was a big mistakeA big mistake for Israel and its counterparts in this assault on the people of Palestine who are tired of the subjection to jewish curfews yes ariel sharon you have no right to imprison the people in their homes with the terror of your weapons of mass destruction HEY EVERYONE WE DONT HAVE TO LEAVE ISRAEL TO FIND THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WHICH ISRAEL IS USING WITH THE FUNDING OF AMERICAN FOREIGN AIDand why are we allowing Israel to use weapons like missiles weapons of mass destruction on Palestine? surely there is something wrong when Mr. bush takes control of Iraq and subjects them to the same misery Ariel Sharon subjects the Palestinian people and children of abrahamsurely, there is some plot by the american government and Israel to subject everyone to terror with our american terrorism only this time Israel went too far but george bush and sharon would love for a big terrorist war to errupt this way mr. bush could hide the half a million dead Iraqi soldiers with the world terrorism he and sharon unleashed because they did not know when and where to stop in their greed to control the worldIT WILL NOT HAPPEN ISRAEL IT WILL NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE YOUR LAND IS ALREADY CURSED BY JESUSand you can kill all the Palestinians and stain thy hands with their blood, thy shall never get forgivness Mr. sharon nor shall the door to the kingdom of Paradise be open to ariel sharon or george bush, the biggest traitors to the world