Tsk, tsk, tsk. Estas indispuesta? Pobrecita ...Have you nothing more for me than childish name-calling? Tu eres nada mas de una cabrita fea con miedo. Our economy is constantly growing. Why else would your hero Vincente Fox force his peoples on us? Wimps in office, you say, I agree. Kick Senor Fox to el 'curbo'!!!Queremos conocer, just how exactly were you fighting for clean air and water? HOW? "you think because a person has a computer like most of the rest of the world it is a thing to criticize if you did not thing I was worthy of possessing such elektronic device and way of communication with the rest of the world?" Oh no, Querida. You miss my point. For the loss of jobs to your Mexican bretheren, to the poverty you claim is ruining our country, some how you - the lowest of the low - still manage. Guess what, cabrita, not everyone in the world has a PC. Perhaps you should research what it means to be poor outside of the US. What makes me worthy? I do, myself. I don't need the g'd gov't to validate my worth or anyone else. I earn a damn good living without the benefits of minority status -- more importantly, I have a loving husband, a beautiful son, a big home, & 'nice' cars -- compliments of only my & my husband's hard work. Gee, cabrita bordernut gordita , what makes you worthy? What do you have to be proud of? "soon we are going to remove these vomitous frauds ..." "ransacked the surplus by with overgenerosity to the upper classes with tax breaks to the rich" ... Again, blah, blah, blah. The tax cuts to the rich were the smallest. Obviously, you're too estupida to be rich, which is subjective anyway. And I sure like to see your proof of Cheney or Bush profiting from the Iraqi war. You are so lame. Ya know what, bordertex, AKA cabrita fea, you are most tiresome. I cannot even keep up with your LIES and self delusion. However, I do believe that you are in league with the Devil when you say that you are "going to send a pack of demons to visit".