BLOWBACK - Track III - Trickle Down Poison
"The world will be an emptier, lonelier place. Still, we humans can look forward to sharing the future with a fair number of beetles, tapeworms, fungi, tarweeds, mollusks, and mites. Dandelions and silverfish are also a good bet."

-- David Quammen, The Song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions, 1997 Touchstone, NY, NY pp. 528-529.

Globalization, you can see
Rupert Murdoch on all TVs
KFC and Taco Bells
The world's for sale if you can pay

And the boys at the IMF
The World Bank, it's all there!
OPIC, ExIm, and IFI
Corporate welfare done globalize
Done globalize

We're running for shelter
The bulldozers coming
They're smashing our welfare
Our freedoms our forests

They paid for the White House,
The Kremlin, the Reichstag
They speak the same language:
Without money you're nothing

Then assholes in Congress
Equate freedom with money
They're servants of power
Of riches, of cowards
Of riches, of cowards
Of riches, of cowards

With help from the media
And newscasts for fatcats
The chimp in the White House
Sold us into tax cuts

And what about Enron?
What this Haliburton?
It's business as usual!
It's corporate bamboozle

So people are marching
And windows are smashing
They know that this system
is trickle down poison!
trickle down poison!
trickle down poison!