BLOWBACK - Track III - Resident Asshole

Whatcha see when you look in her eyes?
Just another woman you wanna fuck?
Whatcha see when you look in their eyes?
Customers and suckers you're ready to con?
Whatcha see when you turn out the light?
Think it's Lord Jesus you're seeing smile?
Are you so sure that your thinking's right?
Maybe just maybe you'll lead a collapse?

She doesn't know you're waiting
To screw her and no more
Pretend to really love her
but all you want is more

Drive your fucking guzzler
You think the sky's the limit
Don't think about the planet
Our city is sinking

You go on bombing countries
And starving all their people
Don't think about the price tag
Your people are screaming!

But you're so fucking wrong
World's catching up to you
Used to running roughshod
You'll pay your dues
You think you're fucking clever
You think you know the score
Got news for you budroe
Game's over - ya gotta go!

Hey asshole:
You're lightweight
Don't screw us
No mandate